Who We Are

What is an Egg Banjo?

It’s two pieces of cheap white bread with a runny-yolk fried egg stuck in the middle, eaten in 4 bites whilst wiping the dripping yolk off the front of your uniform

What it means

On the surface it’s scran – a quick bite enjoyed in a crew room, mess deck or the back of a land rover, but it means more than that. It’s 5 minutes out, it’s a bit of down time, it’s sustenance and, like sleep, it’s the one thing we always find time for no matter the location or the circumstances.

We are experts at snatching that downtime and making sure we a physically ready for the next challenge BUT a lot of us never expanded that attitude to our mental health and we don’t find that 5 minutes or that time out and we don’t snatch that mental sustenance when we should.

There are close to 3 million serving personnel and veterans in the UK and a significant percentage of us experience mental health issues. Although most studies suggest rates of mental ill health are similar in the veteran population compared to the general population, studies also show that treatment is underused with less than 50% of veterans seeking help – we’re just not very good at it.

That’s were we come in – a mental health charity founded by veterans and run by veterans to help military personnel and veteran’s and their families with education and counselling FREE at the point of delivery.